• Design

    Many homeowners already have a design choice in mind before they contact a renovation team. It is our pleasure at RenosGroup.ca to help you achieve your dream design. Whether you have everything thoroughly thought out, or are looking for some …

  • Plan

    We take renovation planning extremely seriously as it lays the ground work for the entire project. Although it is impossible to plan for unforeseen circumstances or problems we always do our best to cater to you, and solve the issue …

  • Execute

    Each renovation project varies in time, but when working with us we promise to walk you through each and every step, as well as complete the job efficiently and professionally.…

  • End Result

    Seeing a house transform into a home is one our biggest satisfactions, as the best part of any renovation is the end result. Of course, our job is not completed until you the homeowner are pleased with the outcome. …


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