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Don’t Let Your Mobility Limitations Chase You Out of Your Home……. Consider a Professional Mobility Renovation Company

A survey by the American Association of Retired Persons found 90% of people aged 65 to 74 would like to live out their years in their current homes. Yet many homes are ill-suited for the physical limitations and challenges that arise with advancing age.

The primary mobility renovation issues  for seniors and people with limited mobility come across in most homes are:

Space – Most homes don’t have enough open space in the appropriate areas to allow easy manoeuvring for people with mobility limitations, particularly those in wheelchairs or scooters.

Access – Counters, cabinets and storage areas are designed for easy access for people who have no limitations on their reaching, bending or standing.

Safety – Storing heavy or large items, reaching across hot elements on the stove, retrieving linens from a high shelf, taking a shower and other seemingly routine tasks can be very dangerous for people with mobility limitations.

Some home renovation contractors are beginning to realize the value in providing renovation services specifically to those with mobility limitations. Unfortunately most of these jack-of-all-trades types have little experience with mobility aiding products or in understanding the medical conditions of their clients.

The lure of low prices highlights the risk in hiring them…trusting someone with your health should never be based on price. RenosGroup.ca is currently one of Ottawa’s only specialist in providing mobility renovations…we don’t cut corners with your well-being.


“The More Your Renovator Knows About You, the Safer You’ll be in Your Home.”


We've got mobility solutions for you and your home - Smart Bath - OttawaIf your potential renovator can’t observe the nature and severity of your mobility limitations within the confines of your home, they can’t possibly make your home safer or more accessible. Free estimates over the phone or in a show room are not compatible with mobility limitation renovations. The RenosGroup.ca team of renovators insists on a free in-home consultation to ensure we get your renovation done right.

Our free consultation service will allow us to understand your current limitations and take into consideration where your future health may lead. Our questions may seem personal, but they’re invaluable in protecting your future quality of life within your home and will help you avoid future re-modelling should your condition or those of your loved ones change.

Being in your home will allow our designers to see exactly what kind of products you need to increase your comfort and make your mobility easier within your home.

RenosGroup.ca mobility renovation design features can include:

• Wider doorways
• Lower counters and table tops for ease of access, whether sitting or standing
• Lowered bathroom fixtures
• Brighter lighting for increased visibility
• Easy to grasp handles for all drawers and cabinet doors
• Handrails on both sides of all steps
• Reflective non-slip tape on all non-carpeted stairs
• Ease of movement, non-slip floors and floor coverings
• Shower stall or bathtub seat, so you sit down while taking a shower
• Strategically placed handrails in your bathroom for greater ease of use
• Hand held shower devices to give you increased independence
• And many more…

Contact us today for your free in home consultation, and discover why RenosGroup.ca is your only choice for creating your perfect Assisted Living Renovation.

Bathroom Mobility Renovation Ottawa - RenosGroup.ca

Bathroom Mobility Renovation Ottawa – RenosGroup.ca