Featherston Drive 2, Ottawa

Bathroom Renovation on Featherston Drive in Ottawa….. Client has a disabled dependent who loves to splash around in the bathtub so the client asked us to waterproof the bathroom. We replaced the bathtub, faucet with hand shower, custom acrylic has been installed on all walls and ceiling in complete bathroom. A shower drain was installed in middle of bathroom floor and new tile floor installed was sloped slightly toward the drain. We installed a 3 panel tub/shower door to allow easier access into the bathtub along with 2 well placed safety bars. We also installed a higher toilet with an oversized toilet seat for ease of transfer, wall-hung vanity, countertop, sink, faucet, mirrored medicin cabinet and light fixture. A pull down safety rail between toilet and bathtub to allow easier use of both fixtures and the bathroom floor was tiled.

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