Fifth Avenue, Ottawa

Bathroom renovation on Fifth Avenue in Ottawa………. Enlarge bathroom  and complete bathroom renovation.  This was a 100 year old home and the bathroom walls were all made from plaster and lathe, gutted complete room, knocked down wall into third bedroom, built new wall 30″ further into the third bedroom, installed drywall on outer portions of new wall, installed drywall and cement board where applicable inside bathroom, removed previous tile floor, re-configured plumbing in floor to allow toilet to be installed on opposite side of bathroom and a new tub drain in newly extended bathroom area.  Installed a zen style soaker tub with tiled skirt, replaced tub/shower faucet and plumbed-in a rain head that comes out of the ceiling.  Installed white subway tile with a mosaic tile border in tub/shower alcove area floor to ceiling and along ceiling as well.  Installed a water proof pot light in shower, installed 4 regular pot lights on bathroom ceiling.  Installed a powerful bathroom fan and it’s ducting to the outside, installed a 90 degree curved shower curtain rod.  Build custom shelves for storage inside previous sink alcove, Beefed up bathroom floor and installed a new tile floor, installed custom baseboards inside bathroom and on exterior of newly built bathroom wall, installed new custom door and window trim.  Re-installed client’s previous pedestal sink, toilet and mirrored medicine cabinet.

Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-1-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-2-710x533 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-4-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-5-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-6-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-7-710x533 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-8-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-10-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-11-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-12-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-13-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-14-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-15-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-16-710x533 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-18-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-After-Pics-21-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-Before-Pictures-13-710x947 Olivia-Riddel-Before-Pictures-17-710x947